A Polish trade association has publicly slammed the government for making it too difficult to register with Polish-licensed online sports betting operators.

Late last month, Pracodawcy RP Employers of the Republic of Poland published a missive accusing the Ministry of Finance of “making it difficult to develop the bookmaking market” and “hindering” local operators’ ability to compete with internationally licensed gambling sites.

Specifically, the group accused the Ministry of dragging its feet on allowing locally licensed online bookmakers to offer simplified account registration for new customers.

Under this process, customers could fill in minimal data, make a deposit and place a wager before the impulse escapes them. Full registration would have to be completed within 30 days, and withdrawals would be impossible until full registration was done.

This simplified process is something local operators have been advocating for a long time, but the situation is growing urgent as the 2018 FIFA World Cup – and the accompanying betting bonanza – draws ever nearer.

Studies have shown that online gamblers have a tendency to abandon the account registration process if too many steps are required. Łukasz Czucharski, Pracodawcy RP’s in-house tax expert, was quoted in the group’s appeal saying frustrated Polish punters would opt for simpler sign-ups with international sites in order to place their World Cup wagers.

Czucharski added that the Ministry has approved simplified registration for some Polish-licensed bookmakers but not others, a scenario Czucharski blamed on “the mentality of the Polish official and ordinary bureaucracy.”

Czucharski attempted to motivate the Ministry by agen piala dunia pointing out that losing punters to international bookmakers doesn’t just hurt Polish operators but also the government, given that the state charges a preposterously high 12% rate on betting turnover. That’s the real reason punters are choosing international sites, but we digress.

In other Polish gambling news, the Totalizator Sportowy lottery and gaming monopoly’s new Playtech-powered online casino isn’t expected to launch until September or October, but the monopoly plans to roll out the first of its new slot machine ‘salons’ this month. The pilot project will start opening the first of around 50 venues featuring a total 1,221 devices before month’s end.

Rounding off the Trophy Tour with a successful in shape for the Hong Kong group, HKRU CEO Robbie McRobbie pointed out: “We’ve had a pretty good few days with the Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour and it has been a fantastic opportunity to provide a vast evil-component of our vibrant Hong Kong rugby neighborhood entry to the enduring Webb Ellis Cup. Rugby World Cup represents all that we aspire to in terms of excellence, friendship and respect and we understand that having the Webb Ellis Cup right here can have helped make stronger these values and inspired a lot of our gamers, young and ancient. We’d want to thank World Rugby for together with Hong Kong within the Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour. we wish them neatly with the remainder of the tour and hope that Hong Kong may have the possibility to be there for the ultimate leg in Japan in 2019.”

From Hong Kong, the Webb Ellis Cup travels to Beijing for the sixth leg of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour. both-year tour includes a mix of based and rising rugby countries and in Asia it is going to guide the dedicated influence beyond 2019 legacy programme which goals to attract and continue a million new rugby participants. The task is already making very mighty development in Asia, with greater than 500,000 already reached via numerous transforming into the game programmes.

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